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Home-Nutrient Nutritional Medicine Clinic

Nutritional Medicine is on the rise as people move away from symptomatic treatment options;
seeking more preventative action and treatment of the cause;
aiming to achieve optimal wellbeing through more natural methods.

Feel BetterTM
with nutritional medicine

Every Body is Different

Everyone has a unique nutritional biochemistry, impacted by a variety of factors that can change our body's requirements.  The aim of nutritional medicine is to identify an individual's specific requirements, and to address these imbalances.

Achieving and maintaining a balanced nutritional state enables people to Feel BetterTM  and prevents ill health and disease development long term.

Addressing the Cause

A nutritional medicine consultation focuses on finding and treating the cause of illness, therefore, consisting of taking a comprehensive health assessment, looking at various aspects of your whole health.
It will also include referral for diagnostic testing to ensure treatment is targeted and safe.

Targeted Nutrient Therapy

An individualised treatment plan is prepared following a thorough case overview, and includes therapeutic nutrition, based on individual biochemistry.
Treatment involves:

Teaching how to make better food choices to achieve a nutrient-rich and balanced diet

Nutrient Therapy
Providing nutrient therapy based on clinical presentations & diagnostic tests, using the highest quality and purity nutraceuticals

Food Therapy
Utilising medicinal foods - food as medicine

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